Support for Students with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities

At OOL we believe that ‘Support’ for students with SEND does not simply mean the placement of students with special education needs and/or disabilities in our classes.  The process of becoming an inclusive school must incorporate fundamental change in the way a school community supports and addresses the individual needs of each child.  Our aim at OOL is therefore very clear, we aspire and work towards creating an environment in which every student, including those who do not have special education needs and/or disabilities, have the opportunity to flourish.


Our team ensures that:

  • The right support is put in place for each child

  • Training and Professional Development for teachers and teaching assistants on how to help each child and ensure they have an up to date Support Plan detailing how the students’ needs will be met in school

  • We work closely with parents on a regular basis to talk with them about their child’s needs and listen to any ideas or concerns they might have

  • We work with other professionals (if necessary) who may be able to help individual children, e.g. speech and language therapist /medical professional/educational psychologist.

  • A child with SEND gets the support they need - this means doing everything they can to meet the child or young person's special educational needs.

  • Children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities engage in the activities of the school alongside pupils who do not have special educational needs or disabilities.

  • We prepare and publish reports and information to all relevant parties using the following system.