Extra-curricular activities

Developing skills in new ways

The School emphasizes holistic growth through a programme of competitive and non-competitive activity that allows for the exploration, stimulation and development of every child’s potential creativity and confidence. 

Assembly presentations, annual festivals in the Performing and Fine Arts, Sports, ‘Creative’ Science, Elocution in many languages together with Olympiads in Mathematics are organized to help pupils extend their innate ability to the maximum and have much fun on the way too.

The House System fosters a sense of loyalty and the joy of teamwork, in addition to motivating friendly inter-house rivalry that serves as a springboard for higher standards of achievement.

The main events each year are:

Inter School Competition

Inter School Football Championshipundefined

This tournament promotes goodwill and harmony amongst pupils at the middle level, from many schools in Al Ain. Competition is fierce with a different school lifting the trophy each time.

Intra School Activities 

  • Creative Festival
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Annual Inter House Sports
  • Annual Community cum Charity event
  • Other exhibitions

The school has facilities, which fulfil general and basic needs in an environment that is safe, happy and comfortable for its students.