Our Facilities

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The School houses a well-stocked library with an impressive index of titles, covering a variety of subjects. Following an open shelf policy the School encourages students to make full use of the books available to them. Subscription to various newspapers and international magazines helps students remain well informed about events around the world and generate discussion about global matters.


The School boasts a 600-seat auditorium with multimedia facilities.

Science Laboratories

To meet the requirements of the curriculum, especially at the senior levels, excellent apparatus and facilities are provided in four laboratories for the teaching of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science.

ICT Laboratories

The school has well-equipped ICT laboratories, which are equipped with the latest computers and peripherals to support the development of ICT skills from as early as Grade 1.

School Canteen

We offer a wide range of healthy snacks and beverages at affordable prices. Strict standards of hygiene are maintained at all times and children are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits.

Books and Uniforms

Books and uniforms are outsourced to Threads - the store is located in Al Ain Mall.

Medical Centre

We have a modern health centre with a full-time Nurse to care for the health of our students.


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