Sustainability Initiatives

Do what you can, in the direction that you feel inspired for a greener and kinder earth.

At Our Own English High School Al Ain, we believe in the power of education to drive positive change, and we are committed to fostering a sustainable future for our students, our community, and the world. Welcome to our Sustainability Hub, where we invite you to explore the many ways we are making a difference in environmental stewardship and high-quality education.

Our Initiatives


UAE'S LARGEST E-waste collection drive. GEMS partnered with Sharaf DG in collecting 12 tons of e-waste. It was truly a proud moment as OOL was placed first amongst the 43 GEMS Schools in UAE's largest E-waste collection .Our school collected a whopping total of 4301kg of e-waste.

Our school’s very own E-waste collection initiative!


In preparation for COP28, planting saplings is seen as a way to symbolize the commitment to climate action and to take concrete steps to address the climate crisis. Our sustainability team along with teachers planted saplings to symbolize their commitment to climate action!


The champs of kindergarten are going to make a difference by planting saplings in our school garden as their first step towards sustainability.

OOL participated in Plant-A-Legacy at Al-Tadweer waste management in collaboration with GEMS Legacy. Our environmental leaders contributed to this drive to save the environment.

Our students also represented the school in MUNs, sustainability showcases, and at the artistic odyssey: Terra Vista 2023 in the journey to COP28


The prestigious Green School Award 2023 has been awarded to our school for our efforts towards minimizing the impact of teaching-learning practices on the local environment.


Our newly appointed Environmental Leaders are ready to make a difference through HPL values of Creating and Agility!


The school’s very own sustainability initiative in which the students educate and spread awareness on COP28, it’s necessity, and the role we as individuals play in creating a more sustainable future.


The students are given awareness about waste segregation and the importance of discarding waste in the right bins.

Sustainability has always been one of the most important parts of our STEAM projects!

Various activities and competitions are being conducted to help the students understand the importance of sustainability and start building towards a cleaner future.

HYDRO-HARVESTER - A student initiative in alignment with COP 28 to conserve water and emphasize the need for water-resilient societies and sustainable water management practices. The leftover water from bottles are collected in barrels and used to water our gardens.