The Annual Inter-house Cultural Festival

In addition to sports and other co-curricular activities, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents through Montage – the annual inter-house cultural festival, which used to be held in the month of December, but has expanded over the years and now lasts for several months. Competitions like House Choir, House Fusion dance, Arabic Dance, Arabic Short skit and Music Mania for Juniors and Seniors help students develop stage presence and showcase their on-stage talents, while Art Attack, Fashion designing, Back drop designing, Mural Painting, Pencil sketch and Film craft explore students’ artistic prowess. There are also events to challenge the mind of every child through Entrepreneur at Large, Advertisements, Quiz and Mind Craft. These are some of the highlights of this festival, though new events come up every year keeping the festival alive and fresh.

Montage includes events that not only showcase the skills of students, but also bring out the talents of parents and teachers, bringing together the entire school community to strengthen the interpersonal value system.