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Welcome to Our Own English High School - Al Ain

Our Own English High School, Al Ain, established in 1992, is a GEMS school. GEMS, Global Education Management Systems, is dedicated to bringing a unique approach to education, an approach propelled by over 48 years of experience and a far reaching global outlook.

The GEMS unique approach to education includes four core values that are woven into the curriculum of every GEMS school.

The school, at Kindergarten, Primary and Middle stages, follows an internationally accepted syllabus to suit children of different nationalities, who plan to rejoin educational systems in the countries of their origin.

At the Secondary stage, it is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi which conducts the All India Secondary School Examination (Grade 10) and University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), United Kingdom which conducts the International General Certificate of Secondary education (Grade 11). At the end of the Senior Secondary stage (Grade 12), the pupils sit for either the All India Senior School Certificate Examination or General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary/Advanced Level.

The medium of instruction is English. Special care is given to the teaching of English at different levels, particularly to pupils who hail from non-English speaking backgrounds. Other languages taught are Arabic, French, Hindi, Malayalam and Bengali.

The teaching of Islamiyat and the Holy Quran to Muslim pupils and Moral Instruction to pupils following other faiths is a part of the school curriculum. (Arab pupils are taught in Arabic). 

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