Parent Testimonials

"To have joined the OOL family in 2017 was honestly one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. In my four year journey with OOL, I have been astounded with the level of attention everyone- from the Principal, Mr. Rocky Miller to the teachers show towards ensuring that each and every student receives world-class education. I can now say with certainty that OOL proves that despite all the impediments thrown at them, nothing comes second to providing a world-class, progressive learning experience for all.

I particularly love the 'Our Own' approach towards the holistic development of students, which sees pupils grow into not only outstanding performers in the fields of academia and extra-curricular but, have well-balanced personalities, be confident, competent and motivated to face the challenge of the 21st century. I’m truly impressed with the school’s commitment towards ensuring that the senior students have the greatest exposure towards some of the world’s best universities through their ‘Career-Plan’ program.

As parents, we would like to take this moment to thank all the teachers, staff and the senior leadership team for their unceasing and unconditional care, support and patience, especially during these trying times. I have beheld tremendous growth in my children’s academic and co-curricular development and that is thanks to the incredible effort put by the teachers. Overall, OOL has ensured that my children fly with their own wings, or to put it much more laconically 'Alis volat propriis'." 


Vishalakshi Murugappan [ Mother of Ganesh Murugappan 12 A]



I would like to say that I am very content having my children study in Our Own. The way the teachers are so supportive of the students and how welcoming they are to parents is something that I, as a parent, have not experienced much in other schools. The education is good—with the right lessons taught at the right grade—and the system of how the students are taught is well organized, with the interactions between teachers and students as they study from home being anything but severed, and that teaching is still going pretty well despite the sudden change to online schooling.

It is also a must to mention the connection the school has with parents, the communication between us and follow ups being well appreciated, and the constant updates and information we are given regarding what events take place and when. 

Facilities are great too, very affordable, and worth it. With the excellent services, I can confidently say that OOEHS is one of the best schools out there.

Thank you very much for your efforts in bringing up students with the best of your abilities.


Thank you,


Afifah Effiana




“Mum, there is no school for tomorrow! We have been told that all schools will be closed till further notice to curb the spread of the coronavirus”, were the words of my daughter in February 2020, the month she was into her final exams. She was celebrating at that time, as the school closure implied ‘vacation’. The cancellation of the final exams, and being promoted to the next grade on the assessment of term exams was more than welcomed. Who could have anticipated that the vacation would look indefinite, and the students would yearn to see the “Back to School” displays at the stationary shops, malls, and so on.

I am sure all the parents during that month went through mixed feelings and anxiety regarding the education of their children. I would not deny that when I learnt that ADEK was planning a “Remote Learning” platform for all the students in UAE (one of the first countries to do so!), I regarded it as an eyewash, a plan which didn’t seem feasible or practical. My son had entered the final year of the school, Grade-12… and the stakes definitely seemed high. However, there was no other option. The COVID pandemic had made the whole world realize that one could never feel prepared for everything in time, one has to adapt, evolve and face challenges to the best of one’s ability, the practical demonstration of which became evident to the students of OOEHS when the school rolled out a well-planned and systematic approach to deal with the situation. The next session started. For the first time, the teachers, students, and parents did not know what to expect… all trying their level best to make it work, using technology to simulate the real experiences.

That was back in April of this year, and now we are in November. We have already been into it for 8 months now, and I can say with utmost confidence that the school, under the strong leadership of the Principal and the Supervisors, with all the dedicated esteemed teachers, has led by example. I feel that the teachers worked really hard preparing PPTs engaging the whole class on the virtual platforms, clearing doubts of each and every one, creating group activities, giving the students time to interact with each other, and also letting them have lighter moments of fun and laughter. The extra-curricular activities (debates, poem recitations, etc.) were also accommodated very elegantly. The organization of Prefectorial Ceremonies and the Prize Nite was done exceptionally well too. The parent communication from school (regular mails, meetings) showed a very well-structured approach. The staff at reception also deserves a special mention, being very polite in answering calls and providing the necessary information when physical access was not feasible.

Through the experience of remote learning, the students did not miss out on the academics, as the school came home. I am sure now that they will cherish and value the “taken for granted school life” even more, and look forward to every new day with excitement!

A satisfied and grateful parent

Dr. Manpreet Anand