Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey

Registration for admission to the new academic year (after your child complete pre-registration) commences on the mid of November each year for Grades LKG – 8 and Grades 5 – 12 CBSE.  For Grades 5 – 12 (IGCSE/ AS/A Levels) the registration commences end May. In all cases, admission procedures laid down by the Ministry of Education (Foreign schools) are to be followed.

Age Guidelines

  • For admission to KG1- The child must be 4 years old by the 1st of April and not later
  • For admission to KG 2 - The child must be 5 years old by the 1st of April and not later
  • For Admission to Grade 1 - The child must be 6 years old by the 1st of April and not later

Admission Policy

Documents to be submitted with the registration form

  1. 2 copies of the student’s passport with a valid visa for the UAE.
  2. 4 recent passport-size and 2 stamp-size photographs for the bus card.
  3. 2 photocopies of the Birth Certificate in English or Arabic (Please attach original also for verification). Those who are not born in the UAE, submit the attested Birth Certificate.
  4. Photocopy of the original mark sheet for the last examination passed at the previous school. (This is required for students from Grade 2 upwards).
  5. Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2 and upwards, are required to submit the original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended in English or Arabic, duly attested as per the guidelines given below:

For students coming from outside the UAE

The Transfer Certificate must be verified by the Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area, from where the T.C. has been obtained. The seal and signature of the Education Officer has to be attested by the respective Embassies in Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE is required to attest it.

For students coming from other Gulf countries

The Transfer Certificate must be Attested by the Ministry of Education of that country. Stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs of that country.

For students coming from places / Emirates other than Al Ain

The certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Education of the relevant Emirate.

Medical Details

The school insists that every student should possess a valid health card as required by the health authorities.

The Department of Health and Medical Services provides the necessary immunisation to the students according to the immunisation schedule followed by them. However, those who do not possess vaccination cards are vaccinated on the basis of their previous medical records, submitted by the parents to the School Nurse, with the exception of KG students who are vaccinated in the school.

A copy of the child’s Vaccination Card/copy of the Medical Record from the previous school must be attached to the Medical Dossier duly filled in by the parent and submitted at the time of admission.

Procedure for withdrawal

There is a specific application form of withdrawal from the school, available with the Registrar/Reception. Parents are advised to give at least a month's notice to the school while applying for a Transfer Certificate or a School Leaving Certificate.

On collecting the Transfer Certificate, parents are advised to collect the Medical Records of their child from the School Nurse at the Medical Room. 

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