Faculty Team

Based on the conviction that the quality of Teaching Staff makes all the difference between an education that is excellent and one merely adequate, Our Own English High School lays the strongest emphasis on Staff recruitment - a stringent selection procedure ensures that the members of the Faculty are hand picked for outstanding professional qualification and experience. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, professional qualifications, experience and ability to direct co-curricular activity. Generally, Teachers would be Indian; however those teaching Arabic would be Arab expatriates from any Arabic–speaking nation.

At Our Own English High School, we are committed to improving teaching skills through several in-service training programmes that are run in School and by GEMS … the issues addressed are need-based and forward-looking and challenge us to constantly better the methodology through which we deliver lessons to children. To motivate the staff, the school has introduced Teacher of the Year as well as employee of the month awards.

The unique approach of education includes the four core values of World Citizenship, Universal Values, Leadership Qualities and Forward Thinking, which are woven into the curriculum and telescope further to read ‘Educating for Brilliant Futures’!

Hence, in keeping with one of the four core values i.e. Forward Thinking, the use of ICT in the day-to-day teaching and learning process has been a major focus in recent years. The infrastructure has been constantly upgraded each year, and continues to improve with each year’s budgetary allocation for the purpose on a ‘top- priority’ basis. Along with all the additions to the ‘hardware’, the skills needed by the Staff to deliver enriched lessons have been developed progressively. The value added to the overall curriculum and its handling by the Staff has been gratifyingly visible in an increasingly wider arena …

All Teaching Staff have been trained in the use of the Interactive SMART Board.