Course Options

Course Options


The main objective for the Kindergarten years is to help our young children develop their affective, cognitive and motor skills. We actively encourage the development of students’ curiosity and imagination by exposing them to an exciting and wonderful world of learning and laying the foundation for life-long learning.

During these early years, the curriculum emphasises on study with letters, numbers, colour and music, which makes learning a pleasant experience for beginners. The curriculum is designed to build the child’s intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional growth. In Kindergarten I, the emphasis is on the development of listening and speaking skills. Reading and writing skills gain focus in Kindergarten 2. We create a secure, happy, caring and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

The Kindergarten curriculum includes:

  • Language Readiness Skills 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Social Development 
  • Mathematics Readiness
  • Creative Expression 
  • Self Sufficiency Skills 
  • Environment Education

The Primary School

Grades 1 to 4

The Primary classes follow a comprehensive foundation course designed to suit children from diverse backgrounds. Special care is given to the teaching of English, particularly to the pupils who hail from non-English speaking backgrounds.

To improve the quality of learning at the Primary level, and our desire to bring international norms of evaluation into our educational practices, the school has extended the Continuous Assessment strategy right through to Grade 4. We hope to bring improvement in our pupils’ learning and achievement in two related ways, i.e. reduce the stress of examination through the weekly assessment system so that it becomes part and parcel of the normal school routine; and raise standards of achievement by focusing attention on clear learning objectives and continuous remedial work.

The Primary School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to ensure an all-round development of the child’s personality.

Subjects at the Primary level:

Scholastic Non Scholastic
Mathematics Art and Craft
Social Studies Music
Computer Science Physical Education
Environmental Studies  
Islamic Studies or Moral Instruction
First Language: English
Arabic Language
Second Language: French / Hindi /


The Middle School

Grades 5 to 8

During these years, our children are gradually prepared to accept additional challenges. Students become aware of the need to set goals and have long-term objectives. At this stage, pupils follow the pattern set by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

At Grade 5, the students choose to study the syllabus by CBSE, India or CIE, UK.

In addition to their normal classroom studies, they are provided with various opportunities for the careful development of their mental, physical and artistic talents.

Subjects at this level are:

CBSE, India CIE, U.K.
English English
Mathematics Mathematics
Science Core Science
Indian History, Civics, Geography and UAE Social Studies Moral Instruction / Islamiyat Studies (In English and Arabic)
Islamic Studies / Moral Instruction Lower Arabic / Higher Arabic
Lower Arabic World History, UAE Social Studies ( In English and Arabic)
Second Language : Hindi / Malayalam / French  Second Language :  French 
Moral Education Moral Education


The Secondary School

Grades 9 and 10 (CBSE & IGCSE)

The students of Secondary School are prepared for the AISSE at the end of Grade 10 conducted by the CBSE, India and IGCSE at the end of Grade 10 by CIE, UK.

At the completion of the Secondary School, in addition to the mark sheet and certificate issued by the respective Boards, the School provides a Report Card to the students. The card is an assessment of their conduct, outlook and overall performance in extra-curricular activities.

Subjects at Grade 9 and 10 (CBSE, India) 

Compulsory subjects: Communicative English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science and Second Language.

Second language options: Hindi / Malayalam / French.

Subjects at Grade 10 (IGCSE) Compulsory subjects: English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Information Technology. Students are permitted to appear for the CIE Examinations in Languages and Islamiyat in Grade 9.

Optional subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics and Islamiyat. (Students can opt for English as first language)

Optional languages: Arabic / French

At the end of Grade 10, students must appear for a minimum of 5 subjects as per Ministry of Education requirement.

The Senior Secondary School

Grades 11 and 12 (CBSE) and AS and A levels (CIE)

Students of the Senior Secondary School are trained to help them to choose their career. The academic focus at this level aims to prepare them to face various entrance examinations for professional courses.

At present, the School offers AISSCE by CBSE, New Delhi and AS/A Level Examinations by CIE, UK.

During this period students are given immense opportunity to develop their leadership qualities to emerge as responsible world citizens.

Subjects at Grade 11 and 12 (CBSE)

Language : English Core

Elective Combinations

Students need to take Arabic, Islamic Education and Moral Education  as an MOE requirement. 

Commerce Stream: I. Language : English Core

II. Elective Combinations Available:

1 2 3
Informatics Practices Mathematics Psychology
Business Studies Business Studies Business Studies
Accountancy Accountancy Accountancy
Economics Economics Economics


Science Stream: I. Language : English Core

II. Elective Combinations Available

1 2 3 4
Mathematics Informatics Practices Mathematics Psychology
Physics Physics Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Biology Engineering Graphics Biology


Subjects at Grade AS and A Level (CIE, UK)

The subject combinations are:

AS Level : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IT, Accountancy and Business Studies (Minimum 3 subjects)

A level : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT (Minimum 2 Subjects)