Welcome Message from Educational Supervisor - CBSE

Pappy Joykutty Educational Supervisor - CBSE

Learning at ‘Our Own’ takes place in a friendly and supportive environment that encourages positive individual and collective achievement. At OOL we share one common goal; that learning is at the centre of all that we do. We truly believe that every child has the right to quality education and we should embrace every opportunity we get to support the hunger and thirst of education for all of our students.

There is no doubt that the achievement of our students is built upon the partnership between students, parents and staff. Through the quality of the teaching and learning, the student support and commitment to extra-curricular activities we create the building blocks of success.

The School follows the internationally benchmarked global curriculum formulated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India. It is enquiry and skill focused, catering to individual learning styles in terms of pedagogy and assessment. It addresses global needs as well as relates to the local issues and culture. It promotes critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills, and information and media skills. The inbuilt flexibility provides a foundation and an extension curriculum in all subject areas to cater to the different pace of learners. In addition to the development of specific skills and competencies, the curriculum emphasises enquiry, creativity, analytical evaluation and other skills aligned to meet the needs of the UAE National Agenda and prepare 21st Century learners for the challenges of the future.

Parental support and engagement are integral to learning. A strong link between home and school is ideal and enhances students’ understanding and enjoyment of school. All our staff strive to create a climate of learning with strong, open and positive partnerships between adults, children and the wider community that ensures the well-being of all.